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To Be The Exact Opposite Just like Path of Exile [сообщение #32299] Птн, 13 Апрель 2018 09:31
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I would like to believe that the Group 1. is largely one of the biggest problems in any gaming subreddit.

Funny. I think Group 2 is the worst problem in gaming communities. I've seen so many games destroyed by people wanting instant gratification and casual gameplay elements, even when the game is set out to be the exact opposite just like Path of Exile originally was.

If we look at Diablo 3 from RoS onwards (because it's pretty much a completely different game with different design philosophies) and focus on the character progression for example, at the beginning people complained that the grind was too much. Blizzard eventually increased unique item drop rates and added other item progression mechanics to the point they are now, which again for me and my buddies leaves the game into a situation where you play it for poe currency purchase at the start of the league, then you're fully decked in ancient gear. After which all the progression is in tiny 0.5% more DPS, 0.7% more Toughness chunks that feel extremely meaningless. The point is, because the casual players who supposedly "only have few hours a week to play" wanted the game to be instant gratification haven, for us who put our everything into games are left out.

This is not (yet) the case for Path of Exile, and I have high hopes that poe trade currency understands their core audience well enough. But seeing this sub full of instant gratification and casual crying leaves me worried.
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