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You can obtain Shaper's poe orbs is used on a map to produce a shaped map. You can obtain Shaper's orbs by collecting memory fragments from killing bosses in Elder-controlled maps and giving them to Zana. But what Exactly do you get when you shape a map? Simply put, shaping a map increases a map's tier by five levels. In other words, if you use a Shaper's orbs on a Tier 1 map will elevate it to Tier 6. Only maps up to a base Tier of 10 can be shaped, and once you shape a map its normal version will no longer drop – only the shaped version.

Before getting in the benefits of shaping, I wanted to lead off with a very important caveat. Once you shape a map, you sever its connection to the rest of the maps on the Atlas. Why is this a drawback? Basically, because it can If you've already gone and shaped all of your maps up through Tier 7, , you're never going to see a Tier 8 drop. For this reason, it's advised to wait before getting started shaping with you so't grind your Atlas clearing to a halt.

As already mentioned above, the best maps to farm in path of exile orbs There are, however, some common denominators that make a map desirable to everyone, such as linearity and mob density. Of the recommendations of which maps to shape for each Tier should Be a good place for most players to get started
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