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Understanding The Importance Of A Map For A Novice On The Road To Exile [сообщение #31908] Втр, 20 Март 2018 06:06
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Now that we’ve started off with a warning about how you can ruin the game for yourself with shaping, you’re wondering what benefits there are to increasing a map’s tier and disconnecting it from the other maps. Consider this: let’s say you have a map that you particularly enjoy because it’s packed full of mobs and makes it rain loot, or because it’s very linear and quick to complete, but the downside is that it’s Tier 2 and you aren’t getting much out of it anymore; now imagine that you could take that same map you love and make it a Tier 7 for better loot and experience. Sounds great, right? Well, this is exactly what shaping allows you to do.

As hinted at above, the two most important factors in deciding which maps to shape are map linearity and mob density. Linear maps are desired because it’s much more efficient to run from point A to point B in a straight line than it is to meander around a labyrinth. High mob density is good because the more bad guys there are to beat down, the more items and experience you’ll get from each run.

Another important thing to keep in mind when shaping maps is your build. Different map layouts are better suited to certain builds. Buy poe currency through the maps before shaping them, you’ll be able to get a feel for which maps give your character a bit of trouble, and which ones you can faceroll and sail through.

A final salient benefit to shaping is that you can target maps that drop particular divination cards and shape them so that you can farm cards and experience at once.

A Hidden Benefit to Shaping

There is also a less intuitive benefit to shaping maps that requires a bit of path of exile orbs explanation. Remember the drawback mentioned earlier about shaping a map breaking its connection to other maps on the Atlas, resulting in your inability to get higher tier map drops when you run the shaped map? This detriment actually becomes an advantage for players who are already satisfied with the completion status of their Atlas.

Allow me to illustrate. Vault is a consistent favorite map to shape. As a Tier 9 map, Vault shapes up to Tier 14. If Vault is the only Tier 14 on your Atlas, then every time a Tier 14 map would’ve dropped for you, it’ll be a shaped Vault map. Every time a Tier 15 map would’ve dropped, it’ll be reduced to a shaped Vault map. The upshot is that you’ll be getting a lot of shaped Vaults, allowing to you to keep farming to your heart’s content.
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