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Upon completing the Wilderness Diaries [сообщение #30712] Втр, 09 Январь 2018 07:15
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OSRS Wilderness Rejuvenation II will change the Chaos Altar within level 38 Wilderness, and there will be a new miniquest - Mage Arena II and Revenant Caves added. Please read through the following details and then express your opinions loudly. You can get OSRS gold, RuneScape Gold here.Changes to the Chaos Altar in level 38 WildernessYou can sacrifice bones on the Chaos Altar in level 38 Wilderness (west of the Lava Maze) for a +25% boost in gaining XP, compared with a Gilded altar with 2 lit burners. Meanwhile, upon completing the Wilderness Diaries, there will be an extra +10% XP.

That means there will be +35% boost in all. Additionally, a new NPC will un-note bones for a fee while charging nothing for whoever has completed the Wilderness Diaries.A new Miniquest - Mage Arena II OSRSRequirements for Mage Arena II: Completion of The Mage Arena; Magic level 75.Task: Track down and defeat 3 new bosses, assigned by Kolodion.Reward: Kolodion can upgrade one God cape to a new Best in Slot magic cape with 3 unique hearts, which are dropped by the 3 bosses. Just remember the upgraded cape will be lost on death or dropping.

Revenant caves OSRS with rich rewardsThe Revenant caves OSRS will be multi-way combat, found in the wilderness from level 17 to 40. In the cave you will see various levels and types of existing monsters and a new one “Revenants”. And all these monsters will be part of the Wilderness Slayer monster list. What is more, you will also see a variety of high-level shortcuts and escapes routes available to you.Following high risk, high reward, there will be rich rewards for those spending time in the caves, such as Revenant bracelet, Teleport Scroll, Amulet of Peril, Revenant Vambraces (WIP), Loot Key Scroll and PvP Armours.You will see the poll about the above content early next week as intended. If you have something to say, just give your voice now. Don’t forget to buy OSRS gold from us.

With Make All OSRS Release approaching, we can learn more details about it from Mod Ash, who is the main rewriter for this update. And there are 207 uses of its generic menu, custom menus excluded. Read on to learn more and obtain RS 2007 gold cheap.Make All OSRS, for which Mod Ash rewrites over 1% of the gameThe main rewriter Mod Ash has ever revealed that the game has 1,082,279 code lines and 1,072,436 after his rewriting. That means he has rewritten over 1% of the game for the Make All OSRS, which will be released in a few hours.

207 calls to the new OSRS Make X menuThere are 207 calls to the new Make X menu (excluding custom menus), and making all smelting ores is the biggest selection of items to show on this menu until now. But fletching will be much easier with this update. In addition, there will be generally no Make All OSRS update this time in the activities without Make X menu, except the Fletching redwood logs to arrowshafts. For example: serum 207 potions has no Make All option added, for it doesn’t have Make X.

Some of the updates will be used a lot, while others will be rarely used. And Mod ash expresses it’s very interesting to get it polished for the features that will be used a lot, but boring for obscure ones, such as the tea.No extension to the Make All OSRSSome players wonder whether they will extend the Make All to other things like old school runescape gold shops, which will allow players to buy more than 10 once. However, the answer from Mod Ash is no, and he worries the extension will make the server crash.In short, all the players are eagerly looking forward to the release of Make All OSRS. Let’s enjoy it once released after buying RS 2007 gold cheap right now.
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