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Starting off with the incredible pavé pieces released this year; the country exclusive Let It Snow, Winter’s Kiss, and Winter Wisp have been fan favorites! The Black Friday Pandora Philadelphia Eagles Charms Cheap is a great design and has been very popular with many stores having exhausted their stock already, which has made this one much more limited than the its two predecessors. Winter’s Kiss replicates the same design as the Let It Snow charm but as a pendant. It’s good sized but still works well on a bracelet, this dazzling dangle is also much desired and has been sold out in some countries. Winter’s Wisp is a fabulous companion to the snowflake charms and resembles the frost that appears with the freezing temperatures.

The Pandora Abundance of Love Charms Sale Winter 2013 Collection officially launched on November 4th, bringing a slew of Christmas themed beads this year. Even though all the charms were released at that time (excluding the Black Friday Charm), the 12 Days of Christmas bundle, which included 13 beads at a reduced price, wasn’t available until November 29th. This was quite agitating to me as I’m terribly impatient and could hardly wait that long, and more importantly it cut down on the time I could wear my holiday bracelets to less than a month.

The sparkliest Pandora Forever Friends Pendant Charms Supplier from this collection are the Let It Snow, Winter Wisp, and Tree of Lights. Let It Snow – the Black Friday charm was featured in its own review, so I’ll leave it at that (I love it!), and Winter Wisp is its perfect companion. The best thing about Winter Wisp is that the pavé set crystal waves makes it a versatile piece that can be used with any design beyond the holidays. The Tree of Lights is a bedazzled version of the two-tone Christmas Tree with CZ encrusted all over.

Continuing the practice of offering special distribution Pandora Words of Love Charms Discount in Pandora North America, the Winter 2013 Collection boasted another 3 beads that were only available at certain retailers. This has been incredibly confusing to some people since now not all Pandora charms are available at their Concept stores, instead a couple designs are reserved for shop-in-shop (multi-brand jewelers) and Jared the Galleria of Jewelry stores. Starting with the Mother’s Day 2013 collection – the Red Sweethearts Murano, Pink Ribbon of Hope, and Celebration Bouquet, and the Fall 2013 collection including Edelweiss, Oopsie Daisy, and Family Tree. This season, the charms are Pinecone, Snow Angel, and Three Kings.

The expressions on these tiny faces are rather ghoulish and reminds me of the Nazgûl from Lord of the Pandora Faceted Butterfly Detail pink cubic zirconia Silver Dangle Charms wholesale price, but the detail is apparent on this charm from the tops of their crowns to the tips of their feet. A rather religious icon, especially with the gold cross emblazened on the back of the charm, nonetheless, it is a must have for any Christmas theme bracelet! The Three Wise Men can be purchased in most other countries, like at Joshua James Jewellery in the UK.
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