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Just a short few years ago asics running shoes uk , they were playing ball, learning to play a musical instrument, attending school functions and rolling around with the dog. Now that little person you love so dearly has grown to become a young adult. Before you know it, graduation is fast approaching and then off to college they go to begin a new life. A short time later, the college days are over and graduation comes around again only to start a new and interesting chapter in their lives. How do you prepare your now grown child to face the world and graduation in a positive and rewarding way? What information could you give to them to help with life's new challenges? Graduation is a time of change and confusion. It is a time of reaching out and experimentation that can lead to a lifetime of good or bad choices. The world has a way of molding and shaping the new graduate into what they will become in their future lives nike juvenate olive womens , sometimes good and sometimes bad. Mom, Dad, sister, brother, family or friend nike juvenate mens black , it is up to you to help the new graduate start off on the right track in their life. I ran across some great information that allows you to be a part of that process in a positive way. The last week or two before graduation, you should spend quality time talking with your graduate and helping them understand what they will face in the upcoming days ahead. By helping them take a more Christian view, they will be more prepared to make better decisions in the near future. No matter what has happened in the past, it is time to mend the relationships and set a new course. Now would be the proper time to do this and help your graduate to prepare for the road ahead. Here are a few subjects to cover. 1. Teach them to build a relationship with God. Sometimes because of the world or because of peer pressure, our children do not know how to build a personal relationship with God. They know how to read the words and show up in church nike juvenate uk , but they do not really have a personal relationship with Him. They do not feel it is okay to admit it to the world without retribution. 2. Teach them to keep focused on the truth. Because of worldly persuasion, children make important decisions based on their friend's opinions. The choices made now can affect their lives permanently. They should know that decisions regarding drugs, sex and relationships should not be based on the opinions and ideas of inexperienced friends or peers. Guidance and prayer is needed more than anything in these areas. 3. Teach them to forgive. Forgiveness is such a hard thing to do, but carrying around all the baggage of past broken relationships will eat you up inside. It is time to mend those past relationships and let go. There are a lot of great ways to do this such as giving small gifts as peace offerings. 4. Teach them to remember God's own sacrifice. God gave his only son, Jesus Christ asics gel noosa tri 8 womens uk , on the cross for each of our sins. Our children have to remember that since they were all afforded God's grace, they should also have grace for others including themselves. 5. Teach them to be the light of the world. They do not have to hide their Christianity. You never know how much a kind word or a helping hand can affect someone with whom they come in contact. These kind acts can affect the lives of others forever. It is okay for them to shine and spread the good word. The light they shine onto the world will affect it in a positive way. 6. Teach them to have a change of heart. They should search to find things they need to get out of their lives. It could be too much TV, too much time on the Internet or not enough time reading the Bible or in church. They should search out things that can set them on the wrong path or waste their valuable time. 7. Teach them about God's timing. They have to learn to have faith and remember their timing might not be God's timing. They register for the course, purchase the books, attend class and then fail. What happened? Remember to teach them not to get discouraged but to have faith. Everything has a proper time and everything has a reason. When one door closes asics gel kayano 20 mens size 10 , another door opens. 8. Teach them to walk in God's will. They will face all kinds of challenges. Everything will not go the way they think it should. While they may make decisions to go in one direction, God might be leading them in an opposite direction. 9. Teach them about temptations. Temptations will be present every day in their lives. With their newly found time and freedom, many new temptations will come. Temptations will appear in various and enticing forms. They must be prepared for the temptations and understand how to handle them. 10. Teach them to be armed with righteousness. Temptations will come in their thoughts and desires. Even though you cannot take the temptations away for them, you can teach them to put on their armor of righteousness. This will help them fend off the decisions they will make based on temptation. Righteousness is much more powerful than temptation once they understand it. 11. Teach them to keep their place. They have to learn what their place is in society based on a relationship with God. It is easy for them to get caught up in today's society only for them to forget their focus. 12. Teach them the power of prayer. Sometimes our children forget how powerful prayer can be. The hustle and bustle of life can cloud the importance of their reliance on prayer. Any time there is a difficult or important decision to be made, they should always rely on prayer. God wants to help and guide them through each of their difficult times but only if they are communicating with him. Prayer works but only if they rely on it. Author's Resource Box Tony C. Edwards is an author asics gel hyper 33 womens , book critic and father of a new graduate. We all need to prepare our children for graduation and life or the world will do it for us. I ran across a great new book that can help called The Twelve Days of Graduation. It covers the.

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