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Most parents don’t like the idea of letting their kids play games, especially the video ones. They prefer to send their children to play outside to develop their social, mental, emotions, and physical development. If you have the same opinion, you should reconsider the video games targeted at brain training because they can provide your kids with many benefits. It’s easy to find and download them over the Internet. Such games are tested and proved to help children boost their learning abilities and different cognitive skills, such as the following:

1) Coordination. When playing brain games, kids will not stare at the screen inactively because they are provided with a lot of mental stimulation to react. They have a certain combination of vision, coordination, motor, and other movements. This means that children have to coordinate themselves automatically in accordance with what they see and hear.

2) Brain speed. Playing brain training games also involves a lot of input in both auditory and visual forms. There are many studies that prove that kids who play them can process any input material faster and better than others. This result can be achieved because the signals received by their senses stimulate their brain and make it work more efficiently. When this kind of stimulation is absent, the brain is affected by degenerative changes and leads to a memory decline.

3) Problem solving and logical thinking. Most brain training games are strategic, timed, and puzzled. This means kids have to complete specific tasks in a pre-set period of time or with a limited number of actions. This is what helps them start thinking logically and strategically to solve existing problems. They are forced not only to think, but they also must react fast. Developing such skills is important for their everyday life, and that’s why they should be included in brain games.

4) Attention. A decreased attention span is another huge problem these days. Many people claim that it’s hard for them to stay focused on the particular thing even for a few minutes. If your kids have the same problem, make sure they are provided with special brain training games. They are targeted at engaging their sustained focus and attention for a longer period of time. This practice will help them boost attention spans and rewire their brain.

5) Memory. This training is also effective when it comes to enhancing memory, auditory and visual, long-term and short-term. Provide your brain with the necessary workout.
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