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MONOLOGUE This is a special edition of HAMMER TYME. Its not often that our producer comes up and says hey want to earn some extra money. Immediately my ears perked up faster than nana old hound dog. I have a full plate air max 2015 mens , I do this column, I write fantasy wrestling role plays and scripts for two shows a week on a website, and I work a regular full time job and have family air max 90 hyperfuse nz , friends and a 13 yr old dog to occupy my time. In addition, I am answering questions from young hopefuls that wonder what its like to be a pro wrestler. The thing I can agree with is a statement Rowdy Piper made on a recent taping of RAW. hurt. I am in constant pain every day. But I love what I do and would crawl on my knees to the ring for my fans.?That is exactly how I feel. I have been able to use this column to touch people and I feel that I need to answer the call. Answering the call is not always easy or what you may have in mind. I know myself when I was wrestling for a couple independent groups I retired and came out of retirement more times than Brett Farve. I wanted to walk away but the loyalty and the roar of the crowd was too hard to leave. I remember one of my first shows. I had finished working an autograph table with Doink the Clown. Besides his zany and crazy behavior, he offered me some very good advice and guidance. Anyway after that I had met a teen age girl that attended the school where we where doing the event at. She was a reporter for their newspaper. She asked if I could give her an interview as long as I promised not to put any wrestling moves on her. I agreed and her first question was does it hurt? I said it is as any physical activity there is always the risk of injury. I tried to act tough in those days. I thought I was super human and it was not until I broke my back that I realized that I was not Hulk Hogan. I was a man. Gasp! That is the toughest revelation of any performer. We try to be larger than life and I think we forget that we are human and have limits. It is interesting to note that the new wrestling video games now have a feature nike air max 90 womens sale , which allows resting the superstar to avoid injury. Wait a minute avoid injury? Hey, I thought this stuffs fake and injuries staged for storyline development. Call the mediah that would be me. How is that for an exclusive on HAMMER TYME? You heard it here rest to avoid injury in what supposedly fake. Hmmm must be more than that. I know for myself that it was hard not to want to do more. I think that lead to my injuring my back. I tried either too hard or not enough. One week I wanted to be the heavyweight champion and the next week I was happy just being a jobber. Another time was when we did an outside show; it was about 80 degrees with no shade or breeze. Myself and another person exchanged complaints about being hot and tired. Just then a six and seven year old came running up to us giving us hugs and wanting autographs. We immediately invoked the AYFABE? signed autographs, took pictures and even gave them our shirts. As they nike air max 90 new zealand , left the star I worked with turned to me and said that is what it is all about performing for the people. I replied we do it for the kids. He followed up with amen brother. No, it was not Hulk Hogan but he taught me something that day. Unfortunately, I did not understand the meaning of his words for years later. It is much like working your gimmick. You may think you have it worked out and are happy with it. Then a fresh set of eyes see it and tells you that it has lost something in the translation. Your initial reaction is anger. Who is this chump giving you criticism when he or she is not in the profession? Some two bit nothing or as Bobby Heenan would say ome ham and egger? We follow what society teaches us. We only want to hear good and positive we hate the negative. Why hate negative when you can turn it into a positive. Instead of ripping this persons head off set it aside. Thank them for the feedback and when you are in the gym or working on reviewing your last performance consider the demand. (My regret was never taping what I did.) It might just be talking in which case blow it off. You cannot please everyone. Accept it and move on but if lets say it is something nike air max nz online , you can control then at least give it thought. I learned my article lacked color and felt like a text wall. When I created HAMMER TYME, I considered those and came up with ways to make that happen. In some instances, it is not always that easy. We do not always have the ability to make changes. We have someone to answer too. Once I had someone give me some feedback and I made a change. The promoter said did you have permission to do that. I responded no. He made me change it back. He said I had a great idea and would have agreed to the change but needed to send a message that it was not my decision to make. TThat where steps and channels. The point I am trying to make is unless you own the idea or have the power to make decisions ask those who do. Show respect for the hard work of other who receive pay to make the choices that we take for granted. In return nike air max sale nz , the ones who have the power will generally be receptive and open to your suggestions. Do not let the negative discourage you. Often your boss has more experience than you and its possible he already tried your idea or something similar to it and it bombed miserably or they have a different idea for the result. Be open minded and best advice is to keep the lines of communication open. Do not assume they know your thoughts or you now theirs. Ask questions! Remember there is no stupid question except the one not asked. MAIL SECTION While it is too early for feedback to this new format, I thought I would share an old email I received. It comes from a young man who wants to start a career as a pro wrestler but is concerned about having to leave his family to travel and go on the road. This can be a very challenging question and stress for an up and coming future star. I
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