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organisations have diversified their working environment and they do their best to eliminate employee discrimination and exclusion from workplace activities. For this reason http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/Hats/ , employers should invest in cultural diversity training that has the goal to improve employee relations and to enhance their ability to interact. All employees deserve to be treated equally and the equality act 2010 includes several acts regarding discrimination for various reasons like disability, race, age, sexual orientation, religious belief and others. It is important to identify a common set of values that are essential to support cultural differences.

Different cultures have different values and training programs on cultural diversity have the power to help people to better understand each other’s points of view. By opting for a diversity training program http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/T-Shirts/ , you will eliminate all work related differences and be able to provide the finest customer service to organisations across the globe. Thanks to this training program, your company will no longer be affected by the barriers that affect key customer relationships, not to mention that communication between employees and their customers will be significantly improved.

All employees deserve to be treated equally, regardless of their nationality, race and gender. Nonetheless http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/Hoodie/ , sometimes managers find it difficult to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and diversity training will help them to communicate with all the members of their team. By creating a working environment that is free of judgments and stereotypes, employees will improve their performance as they gain a level of understanding about other cultures and this will enable them to interact with their colleagues. You can have a highly efficient multi-cultural workforce, provided you are willing to invest in diversity education to facilitate the communication between co-workers of different nationalities and backgrounds.

Moving on, managers should become familiar with the equality act 2010, which focuses on the discrimination of people who have a disability and deals with education http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/Customized/ , employment and provision of services. This act is intended to protect anyone with disabilities and to protect them against work discrimination, provision of services discrimination, education discrimination and public functions and premises discrimination. Individuals who experience discrimination should be familiar with this act and they should know their rights in order to protect themselves. We should underline the fact that all disables people should receive services on the same terms and to the same standards as any other individual.

Furthermore, the equality act 2010 stipulates that service providers should review the way they provide services and they should take all the necessary measures to avoid discrimination. This act has made a huge difference for people with disabilities and it plays a great part when it comes to protecting their rights. All in all, you can consider cultural awareness programs a communication bridge among people of different religions http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/ , ethnicity, sex, background, sexual orientation, disabilities and age. You can build healthy http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/Panthers-Wes-Horton-Jerse y/ , long-lasting business relationships and decrease work discrimination, by means of a cultural training program.

On November 16th, Intel unveiled the latest processor in the company's Xeon line: the Nehalem-EX for supercomputers. Along with this High Performance Computing breakthrough, Intel has also teamed up with supercomputer giant NEC to construct systems using Intel's new Xeon processors.

The new chips were unveiled for the public for the first time at Supercomputing 2009 in Portland, Oregon. The new architecture of the Nehalen-EX for supercomputers is reported to offer faster speeds and larger memory capacity. It will also be possible for a user to utilize as many as 256 of these processors in one computer or node.

Intel is no stranger to the high performance computing market: four out of five supercomputers are currently using Intel processors. The partnership with Japan's NEC the largest supercomputer vendor in the technology addicted country marks a new investment in the high performance computing industry. The two companies have said their goal is "to develop technologies that will push the boundaries of supercomputer performance http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/Panthers-Vernon-Butler-Je rsey/ ," and with Intel's powerful chips and branding and NEC's domination of the supercomputer market in Japan it seems likely that they will succeed.

Intel has more to offer than just their new Xeon processor, however. A technology called AVX, or Advanced Vector Extensions, will be incorporated into the systems NEC and Intel create. AVX is an extension to Intel's x86 instruction set architecture, which is the groundwork upon which nearly all modern computers are based. The extension helps with floating-point calculations http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/Panthers-Trai-Turner-Jers ey/ , like the kinds used in scientific and financial applications, and also reduces register load.

NEC currently sells a SX-9 supercomputer with a different processor. This vector processor is designed to perform operations on multiple data elements at once, whereas the Intel Xeon chips are primarily used for scalar processing a function that handles one data item at a time. Because of the different focuses of the chips and the flexible nature of the partnership between Intel and NEC, the SX-9 will remain available even after the new supercomputers are built.

Richard Dracott, general manager of Intel's HPC Group http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/Panthers-Thomas-Davis-Jer sey/ , said "with NEC further innovating on Intel Xeon processor-based systems, Intel is poised to bring Intel Xeon processor performance to an even wider supercomputing audience." This mirrored general manager of HPC Division of NEC, Fumihiko Hisamitsu's statement that "NEC's substantial experience in the development of vector processing systems.

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